What's New

What's New

More room in the studio! Those of you who have been by recently will have seen  the turn around, literally 180 degrees so that we are now shooting from the opposite direction. With the removal of the office equipment(to the new office), there is more room for shooting and especially lighting. The remodeling is continuing, as soon as the crew(me) gets back to it.

Software continues to improve, directly affecting my productivity and quality. The new Photoshop alone alows me to prepare your shots faster, with much better solutions for silouetting, color correcting, and selecting. I can  give you files that are ready for inclusion in your document or web page with less work left for your staff to do.

Speaking of software I am becoming conversant with Dreamweaver, Flash, and VR  technology to help my clients in the various uses of their  images. I'm particularly interested in the movable, rotating  VR pictures  of products. Done well, this is the next best thing to actually having it in your hand. I've found, however, that care and attention to detail at the phototgraphy stage is essential for good results.

Have a good summer!